We know with our team, we can equip anyone
with the right attitude to succeed

Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

Attitude, skills and knowledge are things you’d want from any business, correct? Well, of course, but at YourCentre, we about more than just words, so…

What does the Oxford English Dictionary say?

For the record, the OED (6 million words and counting) tells us the following:

Attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about something

Skills: the ability to do something well

Knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

Put like that, it’s quite a combination.

YourCentre’s view?


What we focus on at YourCentre is positive attitude, which we see as leading to: job satisfaction, retention, willingness to improve skills and the fostering of all the right behaviours for success - personal and business.

To us, a positive approach and attitude enables us to find solutions for every problem we encounter. A positive approach and attitude always enables one to find solutions for every problem encountered and from here one emerges with a greater knowledge, evincing new skills. At YourCentre, we see obstructions as easily navigable speed bumps as opposed to huge mountains; we believe solution-focused people, with a positive attitude, will see the benefits of their approach, see their confidence levels increase, and, when appreciation is offered will, in turn, will witness improved self-esteem. Success is a state of mind.


Skill is persistent action over time; it is not linked directly to ability and is not an inherited quality. It’s practise, building on mistakes; it’s application to a task. Building on years of combined experience, Olympic athletes, concert pianists, experts in any area, train and develop their skill and hone that skill through training, retraining and repetition. Our years of honing our skills, of our combined experience put us in a unique position to carry your forward, carry your brand forward.


Knowledge is as much time and patience, as it is data; maturity, built up layer by layer as one becomes more experienced in any discipline - whether directly or indirectly. Knowledge is open mindedness, taking on board new information, making judgements about quality; it’s making sound decisions based on facts and insight. Knowledge brings a breadth and depth of value to any individual or business.

All three?

There’s the perfect recipe: the rare person with a perfect mix of Attitude, Skill and Knowledge: always on the right path, away looking to achieve success. At YourCentre our recruitment process is focussed on looking for this perfect blend, and with our team, we know we can equip anyone with the right attitude to succeed.

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