Attitude/Skills and Knowledge

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August 1, 2017
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February 22, 2018

Attitude/Skills and Knowledge

Three attributes you want from any employee but is one more important than another?

OED Definitions

Attitude: A settled way of thinking or feeling about something
Skills: The ability to do something well
Knowledge: Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

The combination can be powerful in terms of productivity and usefulness to a business.

A declining or negative attitude is counterproductive, is challenging and can lead to disharmony. A positive attitude will lend itself to job satisfaction, retention, willingness to improve skills and foster all the right behaviours for personal and business success.

A positive approach and attitude will always enable one to find solutions for every problem which he or she encounters in the way of learning and will emerge out more knowledgeable by acquiring the targeted skills and knowledge. Seeing obstructions to success as speed bumps which need to be navigated carefully as opposed to huge mountains that cannot be navigated is a state of mind. Solution focused people with a positive attitude will see the benefits of their approach, confidence levels increase when appreciation is offered which in turn also improves self-esteem.

Knowledge and Skills can be trained and become second nature over time and experience, attitude is more first nature driven by instinct.

Skill is the persistent action over time, it is not linked directly to ability and is not an inherited quality. Application to task ensures skill is honed, hence, Olympic athletes, world class opera singers or indeed any expert in an area has trained and developed their skill and moreover continues to hone that skill through training, retraining and repetition.

Knowledge takes time and patience, maturity and is built up layer by layer as one becomes more experienced whether directly or indirectly in any discipline. Knowledge requires an open mind to take onboard new information and to make judgements about its quality. Making sound decisions based on fact and the subsequent retention of that knowledge brings a breadth and depth of value to any individual or business.

The rare person with a perfect mix of Attitude, Skill and Knowledge is always on the right path and is all set to achieve success, employ them and spend time with them to better yourself and enjoy that journey.

In our recruitment process we look for a blend of the three attributes, however, we would favour the right attitude over skills or knowledge which we know with our team, we can equip anyone with the right attitude to succeed.