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August 1, 2017
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February 20, 2018

The Military Mutual

Developing an end-to-end journey in a sensitive customer environment.

The Military Mutual was set up to offer insurance products to military personnel and their families. Our job was to develop a stable environment in which structural integrity and ease of use was paramount.

‘helping to launch a new mutual for military personnel was an honour and a real challenge’.

For the last 24 months YCL has been involved in developing and managing an end-to-end customer/member journey for The Military Mutual (TMM), a Discretionary Mutual business owned and run for the benefit of its members.

TMM Directors come from serving backgrounds and represent the interests of the members. It was clear that the traditional insurance offerings did not meet the complicated needs of the military. TMM was conceived and setup to address this. TMM offers protection products to all of the military services, including currently serving and retired and their families.

This is a business that has been set up to support what is a very diverse, complicated and sensitive group and therefore every element from the technical requirements through to the brand immersion and quality of contact handlers has been built specifically with the military in mind.

As a financial services business, the systems and operations have to meet all FCA, DPA, Ofcom and TCF guidelines; YCL have put extra levels of security and vetting in place due to the sensitive nature of the military data being dealt with.

TMM is a membership business that is owned by the members, hence the levels of customer service; personalisation and understanding of their requirements have to be the very best.
We also give all members the choice of which channels they would like us to communicate with them.

Prospects are registered to TMM before we can support their protection needs and a full CRM programme has been implemented to give the greatest levels of support across the total member life cycle and across all contact channels, including voice, SMS, webchat, email, social media and mail.

All staff were recruited to with a focus on forging empathetic relationships with the hugely varied member base that the military supports and have been intensively trained to show humility, a cultural fit and an understanding of the challenges facing a transient serving membership. Due to our Portsmouth location we were able to identify staff with a military connection to represent the prospects – either ex-serving or immediate family. If there is a requirement to identify just ex-serving, again, due to our Portsmouth location, and via our vetting process, this is eminently achievable.

We work with an ex-serving Major to put together and deliver the military elements of the training. We also arrange visits for all staff to meet military families on bases to understand their views, challenges and requirements of insurance products.

YCL have led the whole member communications piece, from the brand and “language” used, through to all systems involving CRM, on-and-off line journeys and integration into multiple insurance quoting engines. We also fulfil written communication using our partner fulfilment house.

Some of our team, when the opportunity arises, also attend events and bases to support and promote the products face to face.